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Strength training and weight lifting - health-promoting for children and adolescents too! See for yourself what the experts say in the video!


Targeted sports training for children and adolescents is more important than ever in today's social conditions. In this respect, general strength training and the sport of weightlifting have an important function in avoiding dysfunctions and imbalances in the posture and musculoskeletal system.

How do our juniors train?


At the beginning of our training, great importance is attached to mobility and stability. Muscle shortening and instability are often already present in children and adolescents.


It is particularly important to be able to take a safe and stable squat in the weight level. To do this, the ankle and knee, but also the hip, must be mobile. Furthermore, a mobile and stable shoulder joint is required for the execution of the two competition exercises, tearing and pushing, in order to be able to keep the barbell above your head in balance.


In general, special attention is paid to the training of children and young people that young athletes are given a broad training. This means that they are not specialized in weightlifting too soon, but rather are prepared for it. Various athletic exercises such as jumps, throws and sprints are therefore required in the competitions. Such and a number of other elements for flexibility, general strength, coordination and elements of gymnastics are also built into the training, which makes the training varied but still goal-oriented and a lot of fun.


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