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Do I have to be weightlifter / do weightlifting when I train with you?

No, of course not. We are just as happy about motivated people who only want to do strength training with us as about people who are enthusiastic about weightlifting. Basically, however, we train in the training room with barbells / dumbbells / body weight rather than with machines.



Is there a coach who monitors the training and looks after me?

Children and adolescents who are in youth weightlifting training are generally supervised by 2-3 trainers or experienced people. During these times, it is only possible to a limited extent to pay attention to training adults. However, the motto in the club is "Everyone helps everyone", so that other trainers can also ask for tips on the form and execution of the corresponding exercise.



Do I need to get a medical exam before I can start weight lifting or weight training?

Basically, this is not necessary. However, if certain previous illnesses exist, it is always advisable to clarify this with a doctor in advance of the start of the training.



Where is the entrance to the training room?

A glass door on the back of the Rappensteinhalle. Opposite the newly built Rappenstein-kindergarten at the new sports facilities (tartan track).

It's best to contact us using the contact form so that a meeting point can be identified.

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