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Lifter of the Months Q1

Leonie Hilbert 15 years old

Student of the Hans Thoma School in Laufenburg

What nobody knows about you yet
I have a nail polish addiction. ; 0))

Why do you do weight lifting?

Because I always enjoy surpassing myself.

What are your goals in weight lifting?
An Olympic medal would not be bad.


What is your favorite exercise?
Eject and press force.

Which exercise would you like to do without?
Implement and dips (flexion support).

Favorite workout tunes?

The new radio radio Seefunk ; o))

Diligence and a good mood!


Leonie signed up for weightlifting at the age of 12 two years after watching the older brother Max's workout. Previously at the rhythmic gymnastics in Laufenburg she had been on the competition stage for years and thus acquired important skills. When lifting weights, the little whirlwind works on the best possible lifting technique, the improvement of athletic rapid strength and on getting stronger.


She quickly achieved initial successes and has now established herself in the highest national level D4. We are very pleased that Leonie, through her hard work and ambition, has developed a really good performance with clean lifting technique. We are convinced that you can face a successful weightlifting future.


She is happy to contribute to the good mood in the club. this is fun for everyone ...... as long as training is not neglected ........... haha; 0))

Keep going!

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