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Strength training and weightlifting - as mass sport or as basic training for your sport!

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Of course, all mass athletes who do not intend to do weightlifting as a competitive sport are also welcome. No matter whether you just want to strengthen your muscles with strength training, learn or improve weightlifting technology or just want to try out powerlifting, we look forward to every new face in the training room.


Weight lifting as a complementary sport?

Since weightlifting is also often used as a supplementary training for other sports, such as shot put, long jump or sprint, and in professional sports such as handball or ski sports it is indispensable to improve the speed of the respective athlete, other entrants are also in this sense We welcome sports. Weight lifting is ideal for preventing injuries by strengthening the leg and back muscles and stabilizing joints.

Since weightlifting also plays an important role in the field of crossfit, crossfit athletes who want to improve their weightlifting technique are also welcome to train with us.


Possibility of strength training?

Of course, we also have the option of mere strength training. Strength training can serve in the respective goal to build muscle mass, strength or endurance.

As a traditional weightlifting club, we are of course not as equipped with equipment as today's gyms, but training with free weights, which is one of the principles of weightlifting, should always be the basis of good strength training. We have the necessary equipment that complements the free weight training.

We would also be happy to write you a training plan if you are not yet able to train independently.










What is powerlifting?

Powerlifting or "powerlifting", like weightlifting, is an athletic discipline. It consists of the disciplines bench press, squat and deadlift. The goal here is to move the greatest possible load. While training should always pay attention to good technique to avoid consequential damage, only the height of the weight mastered is decisive in a powerlifting competition.

If you want to try this sport, the best thing to do is contact our strength sports department manager Norman Halko.


All training hours and how you can contact us can be found here .

Die Übungen des Kraftdreikampf

Effects of short-term, medium-term and long-term resistance exercise training on cardiometabolic health outcomes in adults: systematic review with meta-analysis.

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