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The SV08 from 1968 and until today


The weight lifting department of SV08 Laufenburg was founded by Herrmann Fleig in 1968. At that time, 16 students, 8 juniors and 4 seniors were members. The SV08 clubhouse served as the training base, but the weightlifter had to move out in 1972 because of the dumbbell noises and other uses. This was followed by a two-year losing streak and the department almost dissolved.


In 1974 Wolfgang Fräßle took over the management of the department and in the same year the company moved to a small 35m² room in the basement of the completed Rappensteinhalle in Laufenburg. From 1975 the members of the SV08 raised again at regional championships with Peter Rösch as trainer. Important successes were achieved in 1979 and 1980 with the victory in the district championship and promotion to the national league. The league could be achieved seven years with a changing team. Then, however, the descent followed in 1987 after a few team exits and it became quiet around SV08 to 1990 due to a lack of offspring.


The youth work taken over by Wolfgang Fräßle in the meantime showed fruit from 1993 and one was proud of the 14 juniors and among them a girl for the first time. In 1995, Wolfgang Fräßle was chosen as coach of the year by the regional association for his successful youth work. The constant work with the youngsters led to repeated national successes in the individual, so that in 1997 the SV08 Laufenburg had become a household name in weightlifting circles at the state and federal levels. The number of active members rose again and in 1998 a team could be placed in the national league. Due to the increasing number of members, the space in the training base in the Rappensteinhalle was slowly becoming too small, so that in 1999 it was expanded to 100m² by an adjacent room that had become free. The success continued and in 2002 the SV08ers at the district championships were the strongest association in medals. The years up to 2013 were stable with successes in individual and at regional and national levels. In the 2014 season, promotion to the Oberliga took place for the first time.


It is important that one recognizes from the history of our and all clubs that youth work is essential and that passion and perseverance on the part of coaches and athletes is required. This is the only way to write a success story. We are excited to see what the future brings us!

SV 08 Laufenburg 08-10-10
SV 08-Heber 10-03-27a
Team 11-04-16
SV 08 Laufenburg 07-03-02
Strittmatter Tobias 10-01-09a
Bezirksmeister 2009
Ebner Mareike 10-10-31a
Ekert Matthias
Mory Matthias 03-05-26a
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